Piralla Gianpietro e Figlio s.n.c.
Via L. da Vinci, 24 - 28802 MERGOZZO (VB)
Tel +39 347 4584739
P.IVA 00306030032

For the design and implementation of our products, we use modern technology and ancient wisdom, handed down from our family that has always lived the experience of working the granite.

"Pioda", "fil guzz", "trincante" are ancient treasures, that just a few people know, and make the product unique, differentiated from mass produced items.

Piralla Gianpietro passed rules and traditions down to his son Rodolfo and the highly skilled employees in order to produce artefacts that tell the story in stone.

Knowledge of classical canons of architecture and proportion by the Surveyor Rodolfo allow the company to collaborate on the project of artefacts with technicians, builders and end-customers, optimizing their subsequent production.

All this to achieve the maximum aesthetic and function of the absolute protagonist of our company: THE GRANITE.

Our production, performed in all the processes, from bush-hammering to flaming, from old looking to blasting, consists of furnishing and architectural elements, namely:
Columns of every shape and size
Balconies, shelves
Vases and balls
Shaped sills
Interior design and gardens
Window and door contours
Horizontal sundials and equatorial sundials
Engraved plaques

Sundials & Astronomy

Specialties of our company is the custom furniture design and create gardens that are works to beautify and make unique garden designers working in a synergistic way with green areas and landscape architects.

Points are proud of our achievements and sundials.
A granite sundial placed in the garden competes in beauty with any statue or fountain, instilling peace in the minds and a spirits of contemplation, describing the holder as a person sensitive to things of nature and the cosmos. The sundial is in fact a small mirror of the celestial sphere that reproduces the phenomena that occur in it.
Observing the movement of the shadow on the dial in stone, creating an atmosphere "almost magical" experience which allows you to enjoy the weather, the real spending to be about the things we love, free from the bustle that modern life imposes.

Also allows the sundial to "feel" the time on a human by observing natural phenomena arise, sunset and the seasons that modern life has partially forgotten. Sundials belong to the antiquities but not old for that evoke all observers, even the most distracted, philosophical thoughts and real emotions.

Our company has local roots, having specialized in the processing of local materials such as:
The white Montorfano
The gneiss and all beola
Baden pink granite
The marble Crevoladossola called Rosewood
White and pink granite
The Sardinian stone and others.


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